About Us

DOD Tech Co., Ltd has established in Taiwan since 1993 and major in development and production of electronic products, such as video recorder and security systems.  With the support of our customers throughout these years, our company has became one of the leaders in the dashboard camera industry.  Our goal is to provide the product which fits the needs of customers worldwide.

DOD Tech is the pioneer and leading brand of dashboard camera technology.  DOD Tech focuses on developing and producing digital products that are reliable, and of high quality for customers.  We are constantly improving our products by adding features which provides our customers higher security and protection to their lives and investments.  DOD management team perseveres and pursues advanced technologies, by heavily investing in R & D and production facilities. We pursue perfection in the quality of all hardware and software manufactured.

To ensure the quality of DOD products, we govern the entire manufacturing process.  From quality control of raw materials , PCBA assembly affixed to pieces, production quality control testing, to the final packaging and shipping, are all handled by DOD Tech.  With our innovative ideas, DOD provides the best products with unique designs and manufacturing services to the market.

DOD's head office is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan.  With the efforts of DOD employees and partners, we take pride in the reputation and values of the DOD brand in the highest honor.  DOD Tech currently have agents around the world.  As the global economy environment changes, DOD is constantly gaining market shares of the industry by expanding into emerging markets. To ensure that our customers recieves highest quality of service, DOD has a dedeicated service team to assist customers worldwide.


DOD is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which ensures that DOD products are genuine, and meets or exceeds industrial standards.
Customers can have a peace of mind when using DOD products, without having to worry about the safety of the products.